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MCSL Board Members

Zia Moiz Ahmed
Khalid Shah
Bahar Bastani
Nadeem Ahmad
Tauqeer Haider
Raza Khan
Sarwar Mallick
Mohammad Nezam
Zafar Quader
Hashim Raza

Muslim Community of St. Louis (MCSL)

As Muslims and good citizens we have the obligation of actively participating in social and community services. While some Muslim organizations, such as the chapter of CAIR in Saint Louis have organized community services, e.g., highway cleanup, volunteering for phone coverage for PBS/Channel 9 fundraising, and providing legal advise, however, for the most part Muslims have been invisible in social work in the Greater Saint Louis.
Our group (MCSL) was formed with the intention of doing several community service projects through out the year, on a yearly basis. We have been doing our modest projects for the past three years. We hope that by growing awareness more people of our Muslim Community will actively participate, as a faith group, in different community services. We also like to set an example for our children to show them the importance of giving back to the society at large and hope that they would continue, expand and excel in our goals.

Past Projects:

  • Free Salam Clinic every Saturday since July 2008 at Lane Tabernacle Methodist Church.
  • Memorial weekend barbeque at Jefferson Barrack VA Hospital since 2007.
  • Fund raising dinner for fallen police officers and Fire Fighters, Sept. 2007.
  • Feeding the homeless at shelters, Oct. 2007, Nov. 2007, Sept. 2009.
  • Dinner program in support of African Refugee and Immigrants, March 2008.
  • National Day of Service, September 11, 2010.

Future Projects:

  • On going Saturday Free Salam Clinic Services at Lane Tabernacle Church.
  • Feeding the homeless at two different shelters on the Thanks Giving Day.
  • Nursing home visits at two different locations on the New Year weekend.
  • Barbeque at Jefferson Barrack VA Hospital in the Memorial Day Weekend, 2011.
  • Day of Community Service on September 11, 2011.